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Scientifically or you can look at this genetically, you are born with certain oratory ‘piping’.

This ‘piping’ helps you sound a certain way when you speak, which also translates into how you sound when you sing the words that come out of your mouth.

The main scientific component that determines your singing ability is genetics.

Scientifically, if you come from a family or great vocal cords, you have an edge over the singer who taught themselves.

Being born into a singing family means that you’ve probably inherited all the necessary attributes to be good singer.

You also have very talented people to learn from and get motivation from.

However, being born into a singing family is no guarantee of great singing ability.

There are people born to a family of singers and they still can not sing, even if they take lessons.

Genetics determines certain characteristics that helps a person have a great or mediocre voice.

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Randy Rope
Randy Rope

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