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You should warm up your singing voice before a big or small, performance or rehearsal.

When you stretch and relax your vocal chords, this helps to ensure that you have a health voice.

When you make the following vocal warm-ups a routine, vocal range and abilities will increase dramatically.

I want to share with you a few breathing and vocal warm-ups that you can use to develop a voice that gets you praises when you step off stage.

Let’s start with breathing exercises to help you feel calm and melt away pre-stage jitters and nervousness.

The more calm you feel on stage, the better your voice will sound.

The ‘Exhale on a Hiss’ Breather

What you do is inhale for a specified amount of time, and then exhale on a hiss or “sss” sound.

If you are into Yoga, this exercise will feel very familiar to you.

The twist is that for this breather exercise, you will need a metronome, or download a metronome app.

Set it to 80 bpm in 4/4 time.

Next, practice different amounts of time inhaling an exhaling.

Keep in mind that as you inhale, you want to breath from your diaphragm, not your neck and shoulders.

If you feel your neck and shoulders moving, you are doing this wrong.

Your breathing should look something like this…

You can challenge yourself with this exercise.

Time how long you can exhale on a hiss before you run out of breath!

Please give yourself time in between inhales so that you don’t get light-headed.

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Randy Rope
Randy Rope

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