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Finally, I want you to try the Octave Repeat Bratty “Nae” “Nae” “Nae”

It’s easy to find more singing power on the lower notes in your voice.

It’s a lot harder to sing with power at the higher sounds.

That’s because your vocal cords stretch out more when you’re singing high notes.

And when your vocal cords stretch, they don’t vibrate as powerfully as when you sing lower notes.

First, I’ll give you the bullet-points on how to do this exercise, then a live demonstration.

  1. Say the word “Nae” (like “Nasty”) out loud in kind of a bratty, teasing way.
  2. Next, find a comfortable starting note (guys try E3 and ladies C#4) and sing the bratty “Nae” on that note.
  3. Finally, sing an octave repeat scale where you take each note of the melody and replace it with the bratty “Nae” sound.

What’s also great about these exercises is that they also help you build stamina and reduce vocal fatigue.

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Randy Rope
Randy Rope

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