Fresh fruit is better than fruit juices

Make sure you grab an orange or apple before you guzzle down their juiced versions.

Whole fruits have more essential nutritional value than juices.

Make sure that you chew your fruit, because they contain fiber, vitamins, and more good stuff that helps your body absorb it all better.

Juices have more sugar and water than nutritional value, so they go straight into your bloodstream and make you feel tired.

This is NOT how you want to feel just before you walk on stage.

Strawberries are great for your throat.

Celery relaxes your nerves and helps you stay calm.

Watermelon and melon of any kind is super great because they hydrate your voice.

Try popping some chunks of cantaloupe (or other melons) into a glass of water for added flavor and hydration.

Chicken is packed with protein to give you energy.

Protein is essential for singers because it fills you up, and gives you energy to sing for a long time.

Lean chicken burns longer and keep your vocal cords from being overwhelmed with fat and oils.

Fish is packed with protein like chicken, but it’s a cleaner meat.

It’s also a leaner source of protein than chicken.

It’s best to bake or broil fish in the oven.

This allows you to use less oil than frying.

While your fish is cooking, you have time to prepare fresh veggies on the side.

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