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So, if 97% of people CAN sing, then how is it possible that 3% of people truly CANNOT sing?

Well, society simply abandons people who can’t immediately and naturally carry a tune.

Many a school teacher and parent has heard a child singing out of tune and gently (sometimes not so gently) steered them away from ever singing again.

The result is that a large number of people who CAN learn to sing, think that they can’t sing.

In reality, you can learn to sing if given proper training and if you select sounds your voice is best suited for.

But, there are 5 barriers to becoming a better singer that you need to be aware of.

Let’s dive into the barriers holding you back and then talk about what you can do to overcome them.

The first Barrier is having difficulty singing “in tune”

Singing ‘in tune’ means actually singing the notes you mean to sing.

The second Barrier is lack of confidence to sing, especially in front of strangers.

Maybe you’re happy to sing in private, but terrified to be heard on stage with eyes piercing your soul.

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Randy Rope
Randy Rope

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